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22 November 2011 @ 08:55 pm
iTunes Meme  
1. Pick a character, pairing or fandom you like.
2. Put iTunes or any other equivalent media player on shuffle. 
3. For each song that plays, write something related to the theme you picked inspired by the song. You have only the time frame of the song; no planning beforehand. Start when it starts, and no lingering afterward; once the song is over, you stop writing. (No skipping songs either, you have to take what comes by chance!)
4. Do 10 of these, and post.
Knocking On Heaven's Door – Gun's N Roses
My angel, I look at him every day. But for today, I've needed to imagine him, in my head. 
One mistake, and the world was taken from me. 
One mistake, and he was robbed from me. 
I open up my eyes again hoping to see his beautiful face once more, but only open my eyes to look at complete darkness. 
I feel like I'm lost, never will be able to see the light that guided me trough the years. I try to look and search for a hint of my angel, but only find useless furniture. I sit back down and bend my knees up to my chest. I try to cradle myself and protect myself, because I wasn't allowed back into my angel's heart.
This Is Halloween – Marilyn Manson
KangIn walks into the darkness of the night. He sees LeeTeuk at the front yard dressed as a Sharp-Toothed clown, which gives him chills. He looks to his left ans sees SungMin clinging to him dressed as a pumpkin. KangIn is dressed as a dead pirate. He couldn't believe that he was doing this with them. They had lost a bet a few days earlier to this, and they needed to dress up for Halloween and go around the neighborhood asking for candy. He let go of SungMin's hand when he saw LeeTeuk's disapproving look. 
They walked down the street and KangIn tried to avoid all the strange looks the young boys and girls were giving them. LeeTeuk led them into an old house. KangIn looked to see if someone was home and said, “Hey! No one's home! The porch light isn't on! Lets get out of here!”
“Heh, what you afraid?!” LeeTeuk yelled back.
KangIn grounded his teeth together and extended his arm back to grab SingMin. He turned around and SungMin had disappeared without a trace. KangIn looked back to tell LeeTeuk but only saw the young man heading into the creepy house. KangIn ran after him to tell him the news, “Hey! LeeTeuk-hyung! Suming-shii isn't here!”
Once KangIn stepped into the house the door shut making a big bang that made KangIn jump.
“I know, I made him leave,” a voice behind him said.
Loser – 3 Doors Down
My heart has grown cold. I look at him and see someone new, someone that was never here. His warm and delicate eyes have changed to that of hatred and bitterness. But even so, I fall back into his arms and fall for him. I take the pain that he gives me and endure it. Even though I already go through so much troubles for him, I go trough his mental abuse. 
I'm a loser for him and his love. I would kill myself for him. Even if this goes away as if it was a ghost, I will still have the scars. The only time I feel that he's back, is the time that he's sober, yet that doesn't happen very often. 
I try and try to sober up from his love, but only crash and fail miserably. I try to imagine myself with another person, another person to give me the right emotion, but only find myself falling back into his heart. 
I love him like crazy. I don't want to leave him alone to handle this pain, but if I have to protect myself from his grasp, I will have to... die for him. I will take his pain away.
Your Name – SHINee
I tug on his soft locks of hair. I look at the fair white skin underneath the soft hair. I caress the side frame of his face. Once more, I have fallen at his feet for his beauty. I grab his small hand and kiss it. His hand, as soft as ever and as delicate as ever. I wait for him to wake up and pull his face up to plant a soft kiss on his plump lips. A tingling sensation runs trough me and excites me. My heart begins to flutter as I see him open his eyes slowly. 
“LeeTeuk-shii... today let's spend the whole day together! Let's go and walk to your favorite park. We're in the US, so not many people will recognize us! Come on get dressed!”
I slip out from underneath him and head to my closet.
“Yeah?” I respond looking though my clothes.
“Sure, but first, clean this room up! We haven't even been here for 2 days and you already have so much mess!”
“Ah, Leeteuk-hyung... it's all your fault! You're the one who comes in here and makes a mess out of me!”
“Not true!” 
I turn around to see his face. I giggle once I see his cheeks blush.
“Ah, so cute! I remember the day I asked your name. You were blushing just how you are right now...”
“Shut up!”
I see You – Leona Lewis
Even though I can't look at you and can't seem to understand. I know one thing, you give me my hope and love. You, KangIn, make me feel alive. The moment you touched my lips, the moment I saw your face I was blinded. Blinded more than you.
You, KangIn, someone who can't see anything at all, have opened my heart to feeling. This cold hearted man living inside of me has cried for you. This cold hearted man has bleed for you. I beg you to see though my flaws and forgive me. 
We soar every night though the sky and look into each others eyes. Even though you are blind, you can see what no other person has seen in me. You have seen my love. 
I risked it all, and lost it all like a fool. I let you fall from my grasp. The fall was hard but the landing was soft. You were able to stand up and fly back up. But I, who is so confident. Lost control of my wings and fell down. Now I'm watching you look for me so blindly. I'm sorry. My life was used up to protect you from harm. An angel like that needs to be protected.
Troublemaker – FT. Island
KangIn runs to the nearest bus stop and successfully dodges the paper weight that was thrown his way. He sits in the seat at the back trying to forget about the looks people are giving him. Everyones eyes were drawn at his crazy sloppy hair and his pants that looked like they have been worn throughout his whole life. KangIn looks at the teenagers in front of him and gives them a daring look, they back away and look out the window. KangIn smirks and pulls out his iPod. He puts it on shuffle and waits as the bus stops at his house. 
2 stops before KangIn's home, a young man gets in. His long mid tone brown hair brushing past his face as a harsh wind comes towards them. He gets inside the bus quickly and brushes the snow from his hair. KangIn stares at him in amazement as his iPod plays the lyrics 'I saw and angel... of that I'm sure...”
The young man sits in the seat next to his and lets out a sigh of relief. He straightens up and calls out, “Yah! How old are you! Aigoo... this little kid is so cute!”
The other man simply replies with, “I'm 27... are you making fun of me?” His face straight and with no clue of playfulness in it.
“Ah, no. It's just th-a-t... y-you.”
“Haha! You really think I'm young! Haha, thank you! My name is JungSu by the way!”
KangIn perplexed answerers, “My name's... K- KangIn.”
“KangIn? What a funny name for some one! Are you in a gang?”
“Huh? Oh no! That life is too rough... too much trouble!”
KangIn simply smiles an turns to look out the window, and flinches remembering that his stop has passed and they were now 5 stops from his house. He raises his hand up to push the button and let the brus driver know that he needs to stop.
“Oh! Seems like I have to go!” says JungSu.
They touch hands when reaching for the button.
KangIn feels a tingling sensation and smirks as he sees JungSu blush.
Once the bus stops they look into each others eyes.
“Well... nice meeting you!”
“Nice to meet you too! Lets meet up sometimes.” 
“Heh, sure... Ah, bye now I have to cook dinner for my sister!” 
KangIn stands there watching JungSu run towards his home. That's when he realized that that little punk too his wallet and his heart.
KangIn sits down on the bed while all the other members are eating dinner. He opens p his laptop and plays his music. His eyelids slowly become heavy. He tries to stay up and turns on his hard rock music as an attempt to stay up. Sadly it fails and his head slowly fall down onto the keyboard.
LeeTeuk, who is just outside his room, becomes curious about the music going on in his room. He stops his walking and sets the glass of water he was holding on the self next to him. He knows on his own door before entering. He turns his head at the drooling KangIn. He takes the laptop from underneath him and slowly closes it, and sets it in his desk.
LeeTeuk slowly sits next to KangIn and caresses his jawline. He lays down next to him and slowly wraps his arms around hum. This, this is how he wants to stay with him.

Like a fool - 2AM

KangIn stood up from his desk and walked out of his homeroom, only to be met by a younger boy's books in his face. He startled and watched as the younger boy bowed and repeated his sorry's over and over again. KangIn just shook it off as an honest mistake and helped him back into organization. He looked at the boys' peaceful face and stared at it for a minute too long before the young one gave him a questioning raise of the eyebrow.
Their times like this continued, until it was almost clear that the young boy did this on purpose every day, even after they had become the best of friends he found himself tripping just to be in KangIn's arms once more. Months passed, and it was the end of their school year. KangIn and JungSoo had become the best of friends... even at times... too close of friends. However KangIn couldn't bring himself to think that someone, a guy to be specific, would make him feel as happy and in love as never before. He tried to let go of these feelings, every day he would ignore his heartache when he saw him with other guys and at times other girls. But now, he could no longer, this time it was serious, every time KangIn cached a glimpse at the loving stares JungSoo and that so-called Heechul he could actually see the love and care that he has never before seen in him.
His years passed by fast, soon, it was Heechul's and JungSoo's wedding, they were engaged and had promised each other a life of  'together forever no matter what'. KangIn didn't even attend, he could not, would not, did not, want to sit there and watch as his loved one was taken away. He had lost the fight that he never even attempted to fight. And that's what hurt him the most. He did not try, like a fool. A plain-old fool.

Vivo Per Lei (I live for her) - Andrea Bocelli

I don't know how it happened, but somehow I fell, I fell hard. I was taken by surprise, he was like my dream, my perfection, he was my everything. And slowly, he became my world, he became... a part of me. It's like a gift, a gift that I never had to accept myself, just take care of it. He gave me everything, he was exactly what this cold heart needed, he was warm, caring, and kind. Everything that I never was, and never will be. He was the one to complete this hollow me. I live for him. He lives for me. We live for each other... but sometimes, I think I live for him more than he lives for me. He doesn't have to be his clingy self or someone that has to worry about loosing me, cause he knows that I live for him. He knows that everything I do, is for him and only him. I'm... I'm like a slave for his love.

Romance - Voice Letter

If I leave, will you be better? If I set you free from the confinements of my heart will you live a better life? I don't know the answer to that... but I know you do. JungSoo was awoken from his day dream as the door behind him shut closed. He looked up, unable to look at the man in the eyes.

"KangIn... how have you been doing?"
"Just great. I swear."
"KangIn... I... really? Are you really okay? Are you not hurt?"
"JungSoo... this isn't something new, we both know that... just for now, leave me alone. I need to think things through."
"Okay, but if you need anything... just call me, okay?"
"Okay..." KangIn sighed and turned his back from the man, closing his eyes as to not see the sun rays coming in from the far window.
JungSoo hesitantly took a few steps back and headed out the door, shutting it silently behind him. 
"... ah...." JungSoo sighed as he slumped against the door, placing his face on his cupped hands and taking in a few gasps of air.
"Damn it JungSoo, what the fuck happened to you!" he slowly slid down to the floor and pulled his knees to his chest, burring his face in between them.
"Why are you such a damned coward!?" he kicked himself mentally, ashamed of himself.
"Why... behind his back?! Why couldn't you just break it off and done that afterwards? Why!?!"
He bashed the wall next to him with his hand, letting it bleed slowly.
"I should just go."

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